It is very normal to compare ourselves to other people in our lives, from achievements, status, abilities, and appearance. However, a way to limit comparison is to first remind yourself that

other people’s outsides cannot

be compared to your insides

In other words, what you can see about the other person does not always mean that they are living the best time of their lives. Plus, that person you see there is not you because we are all different and unique in our own way. Which then leads me to the second method, and that is to practice self care.

Treating ourselves to a hot bath

bowl of ice cream

new video game

or (for the adults) a glass or two (maybe even three) of alcohol. These are great ways to self-care, but to take it even further, write down your thoughts to reflect. Although it may seem weird at first, it helps to clear or even declutter your mind. Lastly, a very common saying, is to be grateful for all the good in your life. It does not matter what other people have that you don’t, what matters is what you have that is essential for your well-being. For example, having healthy, positive relationships with family and friends increase both your happiness, knowing that you have people there who support and love you greatly.