It’s just like watching all the movies and stuff. You see the people using all the weapons. It’s nice to be able to do it. And then when you’re watching movies, you’re like, “Hey, I know how to do that.”

One of my favorite

memories was finally

breaking that last board getting my black belt, the first degree black belt. Because that gave you that sense of accomplishment because that was the last thing I needed before getting the black belt. It was almost as much excitement as when I soloed for the first time flying because it was that three years building up to it and finally know that you have accomplished what you set out to do. 

If you're looking

at the price, it looks daunting at first. But I’d say it’s definitely worth the price. For the money you spend, you get a lot out of it that you can’t get out of most other things. Especially, you look at some other sports they don’t look like they’re as expensive, but when you start adding up costs, it gets expensive too. And then stick with it. That’s the one thing.

I know our oldest son wanted to quit as he was getting frustrated trying to get that black belt and he stuck with it. And once he got the black belt, you could definitely tell it gave him a lot more confidence to stick things out. And that’s something that he’ll be able to recall at moments in his life in which it looks like it’s a good time to quit, but if he pushes through, he’ll experience that success.