How would you like to make a professional career out of the Martial Arts?

Working with a team of amazing people, while living in one of the top 10 communities in America, advancing your own training/rank AND earning a PROFESSIONAL WAGE.  If this sounds good, keep reading!

Vision Martial Arts of Wake Co., NC and Chief Master Wegmann have been running successful schools and positively changing lives for over 30 years.  Now is your chance to join a thriving, well-established team that can help take your career to the next level. Whether you are looking for your forever home or want to learn how to grow your own school in the future, Vision Martial Arts is a great place to be. We have many successful team players on staff, some have been 10+ years with the company, we have helped several aspiring entrepreneurs learn the ropes necessary to be able to move on to become successful school owners.

Vision Martial Arts is looking to grow the Vision Team. We are looking for talented, motivated, and coachable instructors ready to inspire the next generation of young martial artists.  If that’s you, keep reading!

The Perks:

  • Learn from the best: train with multiple-time world champions including 3 Master instructors with a combined 18 world champ titles, martial arts Industry business trainers, and a member of the Songahm Taekwondo Masters Council
  • Experience unique staff outings and team building experiences
  • Workshops, seminars and competition fees paid
  • Earn $25-$70K Starting Pay (Based on Experience and Position)
  • Paid Holidays and Vacation
  • Health insurance credit available

Why are so many martial arts instructors joining The Vision Team?

We are a fun-loving, diverse group from many backgrounds.

“Our staff at Vision Martial Arts has a wide range of backgrounds in martial arts experience, that allows each of us to teach in our own unique way to have that impact on our students. While using the systems to make sure we can be successful and have the lifestyles we want.” –Mark Beddow, 7th Degree Black Belt Senior Master Instructor / Vision Team Member 12 yrs

“I would say welcome home, because that’s what you are going to feel like. Like you’re walking into your own home. You’re going to feel the love, you’re going to feel the support and just life-long friendship.” –Delia Boyer, 4th Degree Black Belt / Vision Team Member 9 yrs

Who we are looking for:  Are you?

  • Excited about a career in Martial Arts
  • A Team Player
  • An individual of high Integrity
  • Empathetic and enjoy working with people
  • Enjoys working with all age groups
  • Coachable (Ego in Check)
  • Self-Motivated/Go Getter
  • An amazing instructor capable of running large classes of all ages
  • Organized and Can Follow a Plan
  • Goal oriented
  • Professional in Appearance and Interactions
  • Willing to keep school clean and martial in appearance
  • Have Customer Service Experience or willing to learn
  • Competent with Microsoft Office use
  • Someone who does the Right thing
  • Someone shows others he/she Cares
  • Fun and maybe a little quirky

Our Hiring Process is 5 Steps.Here's how it works...

STEP ONE: APPLY - Click the link below to let us know you are out there

STEP TWO: Have a short phone interview followed by a zoom meeting with our hiring team

STEP THREE: Come in for a live interview, spend a day with the Vision Team

STEP FOUR: Clear the background check and screening process

STEP FIVE: Complete the 90-day Vision on-boarding process and start changing lives, starting with YOURS!